Our TNT program builds confidence and self-assurance unmatched by any other sport. Many students may be involved in cheerleading, dance, pageants, competition, and other activities that tumbling compliments. Our students receive personalized instructions and supervision. They also receive emphasis on body conditioning, strengthening, and flexibility. Students experience fun while turning their energy into learning valuable physical skills.

Students participate in a one hour class with the focus being trampoline, power tumbling and double mini- trampoline. Beginner skills in tumbling include forward and backward rolls, handstands cartwheels and round offs. Work on the trampolines include fundamental jumps, such as the tuck, straddle and pike and beginner skills like the seat drop, doggie drop and front drop.

The beginner skills are then combined to form routines on all three apparatuses. Trampoline routines contain only one pass, while double mini and tumbling require two different  passes completed separately.

Here at KPAC, located in the Lake Norman area…. specifically Statesville and Mooresville,   we strive for a fun and educational experience using sport training as our foundation!